About Us

Boson Clothing Group Profile

BOSON CLOTHING GROUP is one of the sourcing leaders and manufacturers of knitwear apparels. The Group focuses on the development, marketing and sourcing of premium knitwear fashion for men and women.
Headquartered in India, the Company with talented and smart employees in the market, making it one of the most reliable, listed apparel manufacturing and sourcing group.

BOSON CLOTHING cover a comprehensive product range covering classic to modern apparel, elegant loungewear, outerwear, sportswear and underwear.

BOSON CLOTHING source from best manufacturers who practice modern manufacturing techniques to produce quality goods at right cost to be competitive.
BOSON CLOTHING continually bench mark with high-profile fashion events and market in the world’s fashion capitals helps to understand the customer needs well in advance and update the technology required to meet the present fashion demand.

BOSON CLOTHING also produces a substantial share of its classical clothing range like prototypes, sample pieces, individual orders and especially its “Made to Measure” in company owned production facilities which are located in Tirupur, the knit hub of India .BOSON factories also produce for leading Indian domestic brands and products like, Printed T shirt, leggings, Capri and women wear collection as well as a broad range of underwear. By using its own production facilities, the Company can secure essential competence, while enabling development activities to be closely geared to subsequent industrial manufacturing.

In addition, BOSON CLOTHING group trade with trusted partners who provide long-lasting expertise of apparel manufacturing and and modern technologies. These partners not only meet the Company’s high quality standards but comply with internationally recognized labor and social standards. To ensure the compliance of these standards regular audits are conducted by both the Company’s own auditors and external, experienced agents.

Today, BOSON CLOTHING GROUP can supply knitwear products approximately 2 million pieces per year.

2014, the importance of the Group’s own retail business is started and will reach the market and exclusive stores in prime retail locations, multi-brand environments and factory outlets.